Digital Banner Ads

I have extensive experience designing, developing and publishing digital advertisements. From rich media, static and mobile banner ads to homepage takeovers and data driven placements, I have worked with large and small clients and publishers to create unique and dynamic campaigns that support specific marketing strategies and reach targeted audiences.

In Ice Cold Blood for Oxygen

This advertisement set the stage and built anticipation for the debut of Oxygen's gritty In Ice Cold Blood. I worked directly with the creative director to develop the pacing and animation of this campaign. The subtle steam effects in the opening sequence and the neon effects on the final frame. My responsibilities included storyboarding, motion design, layout, asset production, development, QA and final delivery publisher and client.

Showtime Sports

This ad for a Showtime Boxing bout uses transparent PNGs and animation to create a captivating end frame. I collaborated with the creative director to bring this to life. Responsibilities included design and layout, animation, and delivery to client and publisher.